Sunday, September 27, 2009

In about 5 hours....

we'll be walking out the door of our house, and in the front doors of a hospital. Morgan is scheduled to have surgery at 7:15 am. I'm exhausted and I have to try to sleep. I'll fill in details tomorrow, as I'm sure most people who read this know them anyway.

Please pray for our princess! She's a bundle of nerves. She told me, through tears, before bed tonight "God will hold me Mommy" and I know that is so so true....... our God never fails.

Morgan, you'll do great. We love you crazy.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Zachary's big day....

Yesterday was a big day! Zachary put on his uniform and walked onto the football field for the first time, ever. It was so much fun and too cute for words. The kids play 5 on 5 flag football for about an hour, and it's funny. At the 3 and 4 year old level there are only two teams, so we'll play the same 5 kids for the next eight weeks. Zachary is, by far, the smallest kid on the team, but he had fun! I picked a few of my favorite shots and put them up for the grandparents to see! 
This first shot is from their practice time before the game. They got to meet their other teammates and their coach for the first time. 
Hey, at least he's not picking flowers! 

Seeing Zachary out there on the field was so much fun, and it brought back so many memories from my childhood. I remember my little brother's first flag football game like it was yesterday and then my mind races with the memories that followed. All the homecoming games, touchdowns, blanket toting up the bleachers, heartbreaking losses, gut-wrenching injuries. It's all so clear. 

I know that this is just the beginning for Zachary. Maybe he'll stick with football, and maybe not. But regardless, it has begun. My little boy is growing up and making memories that will last a lifetime. He may forget his first game, but I never will. 

I love you Zachary and I'm so proud to be your Mommy. 

Monday, September 7, 2009

Morgan's First School Holiday.....

Who knew a 4 year old would be so excited about a day off school?! Not me. This little monkey loves going to school so I was shocked to see her so excited to have a "hollyday."

She's been doing really well and her teachers seem to love her.  They said she knows the answer to every question they ask and she's getting better about raising her hand. LOL She's a nut. 

I'm so grateful that we were able to get her into a nice Christian school. I love that when she comes home everyday the first thing she tells me is what her bible study was for that day. She's learned a few new prayers and two bible verses in the first two weeks! She makes me smile! 

While Morgan is at school Zachary and I get to spend time together and it's awesome. It's never been just the two of us, so it's pretty special. He just talks and talks while she's gone and usually about an hour before it's time to get her, he starts asking about her! His sister is his BFF! hahaha

I'll make sure to get some pics up from the first few weeks ASAP. My batter is charging as I type. 

We're heading off to a BBQ this afternoon so maybe tonight I'll get pics up from school and the pool party/bbq!! 

Happy Labor Day y'all!