Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Football player in the making....

Zachary has played 3 football games now, and believe it or not, he really does get better each week! The last two games have been so much fun. He did great!

This picture cracks me up. That little boy in the black tackled Zachary (and note, it's FLAG football) and then proceeded to just push him down over and over again. The coaches got onto him and then the rest of the game he kept hugging and apologizing to Zachary. It was so funny!
Zachary says his favorite part of football is when he gets to *hike* the ball. So, the coach lets him do it alot.
Zachary is the smallest kid on the field, so when it's his turn to run with the ball, he's pretty much tackled instantly. And, he's yet to pull anyones flags because his little legs just don't move as fast as the other kids legs do! LOL

He has learned however, that football players get all the chicks!!

My friends Kristin and Lauren had both come out to watch him play, and he just eats up the attention! Chicks dig football players ;)

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