Monday, November 16, 2009

Deployment sucks....

and this is a short one! LOL

Philip has been gone for a grand total of 36 hours and I'm already at my wits end. Thankfully, it's usually one a few days of total insanity before we settle into our normally insane routine.

We'll be meeting up with Philip next week for Thanksgiving at the Eastridge casa!! We're so excited. Mike and Jenn (plus 2) are such awesome friends and were so lucky to have them in our lives. The story of how we met is kinda funny, but regardless they've become great friends of ours and we're stoked to be spending such a fun holiday at their house this year!

I've been in lots of pain the last few weeks and it only seems to be getting worse. So, I feel like I'm going to lose it now that my right hand man is gone and I have no one to pick up my slack in the parenting department. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about....I'm referring to my endometriosis. After a long talk with my doctor he thinks my best bet is to undergo a hysterectomy, but I just can't make a decision. It's so permanent. I'll be praying about it, and I'd love it you'd all do the same!

It just occurred to me I never posted any halloween pics, so I'll try to get that done tonight or tomorrow!! BTW, whose excited about New Moon coming out this week!? LOL

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